multicolour tweed jacket coco chanel brooch vintage style fashion
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Tweedy tweed tweed

Being a big fan of Chanel, I have gotten plenty of accessories from the French fashion house over the years. But for the longest time I have stayed an admirer-from-afar of their tweed jackets, both the modern designs and the very vintage ones from decades ago.

To me, nothing is classier than a Chanel tweed jacket. I have been hunting for my perfect tweed jacket in the last year but after countless sessions at Chanel, trying on tons of different jackets, I am still a bit on the fence about spending that much money on a jacket.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them are extremely gorgeous but a Chanel tweed jacket is more of an occasional item to me, not like a Chanel bag that I can wear everyday. I keep going back and forth, over and over again I still can’t make up my mind.

Turns out it’s just perfect timing when Maja of Mia Giacca asked if I would like to review one of her handmade tweed jackets. This lovely multicoloured one I pick is now sold out but there are loads more to pick from the website here.

multicolour tweed jacket coco chanel brooch vintage style fashion


I really like the vintage but youthful feel of this jacket! The colour goes perfectly with jeans which is what I live in most of the times.

My concern with tweed jackets in general is looking too mature and ‘stuffy’ but this one is a perfect balance between fun and class!

img_7673multicolour tweed jacket coco chanel brooch vintage style fashion

Being a French size 34, I was afraid the jacket might be loose fitting on me like most jackets are. Chanel tweed jackets in size 34 often fit me to a t which is why I’m obsessed with their stuff.

This jacket lovingly made by Maja, surprise surprise also fits me perfectly!

img_7676multicolour tweed jacket coco chanel brooch vintage style fashion

The tweed material is fairly thick and very sturdy. The turquoise silk lining is a fun touch that I adore. Very much looking forward to styling this baby in the summer in my usual combo of blue jeans and white tee!

This is definite proof to me that we can get Chanel quality tweed jackets at a fraction of the price. I did not want to have to compromise on the premium quality by buying random high street ones as I plan to wear my tweed jacket forever. Glad to say with this jacket, I’m not at all compromising on anything.


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