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A review of my first experience shopping with a Hermes reseller

*Update 22 March 2019: I will caution all buyers before/after purchasing from resellers to definitely send the bags for authentication. Even though my personal experience with this seller below has been a positive one and my bag was confirmed authentic by the most trustworthy, professional authenticator, someone has recently alerted me that a Kelly bag she bought from this same seller has turned out to be fake.

It has not yet been confirmed whether this seller knowingly sold a fake bag or was scammed by their sources as well but I thought this update is essential to my future readers. 

Do message me on IG if you have any questions or have experiences with this seller that you would like to let me know.




My brand new Hermes Constance 18 in Vert Vertigo epsom leather, palladium hardware.img_5409img_5410

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