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How a fake bag sparked my interest in designer bags

Yes, you are reading it right!

I once had a fake designer bag which I bought unknowingly. This may be a strange contradiction but this badly-made ‘fake’ bag has sparked my appreciation for high quality leather goods.

The (fake) bag in question was a lovely Celine bag – at the time I had no idea what Celine is!


It all started many years ago when I was a fresh graduate (out of high school)! I had no idea about designer anything (was, still am, a big nerd and bookworm) – at that time, the concept of branded goods simply did not occur to me. It was as simple as me seeing a bag on a window display that I like, I buy it.

I had just returned to Vietnam after graduating from high school in Singapore. While waiting to start university in London, I decided to work part-time to gain work experience and earn some extra pocket money. One day after work as I was riding around the city on my scooter, I saw the most beautiful bag I had ever seen. It was just sitting there on a window display, looking glorious in electric blue suede, in the most chic and modern design with these special white ‘wings’ on the side.


Little did I know it was the most popular, sold-out Celine bag style at the time. It (the fake bag) cost half of my part time salary so I saved up and bought it.

Fast forward to when I left Vietnam for London to start university. Oh so proudly I decided to bring my new bag to London. Here was the first time I started seeing many other people carrying the same bag as me.

I started wondering why a random bag in the most random little shop in Vietnam could be so popular in London. Even one of my friends was carrying one. She then explained to me that this is a popular Celine bag. It didn’t take me long to realise I had bought and paraded around a counterfeit item.

Being a good, morally upright citizen of the world (ha!), I of course retired that bag immediately. But I promised myself one day I would purchase the original Celine bag that I had fallen in love with.

Fast forward again through several jobs at uni, lots of saving and voila – I had purchased this beautiful authentic Celine trapeze bag in electric blue with suede wings.

It’s sad that this style has become less popular now and I don’t see people carrying it anymore but for me, it will always hold a special place in my bag collection – it was the first bag that made me realise I love beautiful bags!

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